From the age of 0-22 I was just living having a lot of questions about a lot of things but never gave the time to do my own research. From that point on, I started to look for answers to all the questions I have a need to be answered. I began to study myself. I began to learn who I was and this blog is an expression of that process and the things to come

Knowledge of Self is the path of true happiness

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Would you overlook infidelity in your marriage, if you knew that if you didn’t it could change history for the worse?

Doing research as I normally do, I ran across the FBI obscene file
that J Edgar Hoover created. In it he had dirt on many people in
high ranking positioned people in the government.
Being a southerner he thought civil rights/desegregation would
lead to disorder. He then collected dirt on Martin Luther King Jr.
He had several audio tapes of him having affairs. The FBI then
presented these tapes to Coretta Scott King thinking it would
break up their marriage and with that try to discredit his
organization. After Coretta heard these she was devastated, but
she talked it out with Martin Luther King and decided to stay

The question is how many people if in the same situation would
have left and changed history for the worse?

Tradition vs Change

paid in full staring

Since people are creatures of habit, How can one embrace change without sacrificing tradition? Or is sacrificing tradition apart of embracing change?

Chameleon changing colors

What it means to be a man


Seems like whenever I hear the word man being defined its usually coming from a woman. I cannot tell a woman how to be a woman. I simply do not know. I have my own ideas about it but there is no way I could fully understand. Plus I know that being a woman is not just one thing it is a large spectrum of things.

First of all I am a man by the way of birth period. The thing is there is not only one way to be a man. There is no one way to be any type of person. I understand when you use the term man you’re meaning it as a upstanding citizen if you will. You cannot re define a word depending on your own personal preference or situation. Even when a woman is not the most wholesome individual the term woman still applies,  For example when a woman is considered to be a bad mother the title of woman is not stripped from her. The term commonly used to refer to a person of this stature is “poor excuse for a mother.” See how the word mother is still included. Even when derogatory comments are used to refer to a woman they still invoke feminism. When it comes to a man the opposition first strike is to take away the title of being a man. 

I know what a man is. I been living the life of one every since I was born who are you to tell me I’m not one. I was raised by one, been apart of a family that was full of them, and been surrounded by them my entire life. Please do not tell me what roles I should play and things I should be doing just because I’m a man. When a man says those things to a woman he is labeled as being sexist. For some reason women don’t think they can be sexist towards a man. For the man in me will do whatever I want and however I see fit. 

The argument against this that I normally hear is you’re to weak to stand up a fit the role I suppose to play so that is why I lash out against it. So does everything society say you agree with? As time and cultures change so does society, so you’re telling me the definition of what a man is depends on the time, place and culture that question is presented in? If you let society tell you how to live your life then what kind of life is that?

At TEDWomen, Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don’t “act like a man.” Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution: Break free of the “man box.”

Agree or disagree?

OCCUPY NIKE: Air Jordan sales at California malls spur gunfire, unruly crowds -


Air Jordans for Christmas


• In Richmond, Calif.: ”At the Hilltop Mall in the city of Richmond, shots rang out at around 6 a.m. An estimated three thousand were in line waiting for the new Nike’s new Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords. (The shoes, it seems, appreciate in value.) That’s when someone fired a gun into the air. According to KRON 4 Morning News, no one was hurt and a suspect is in custody.” [SFist ]

• In Atlanta, Ga.: ”Police had to smash the windows of a car to get two toddlers out after a woman had left them there to go buy the shoes. She was taken into custody when she returned, according to the AP.” [ABC ]

• In Lithonia, Ga.: ”…at least four people were arrested early Friday at a mall after a crowd of customers broke down a door at a store selling the Air Jordans before it opened. DeKalb County police told Fox 5 Atlanta that up to 20 squad cars responded. Officers said they escorted most of the people outside but took four into custody.” [AP ]

• In Pembroke Pines, Fla.: ”At about 2 a.m. Friday, customers said police pepper sprayed a crowd of people waiting in the front of the line at the Foot Locker at Pembroke Pines mall. ‘They’re pepper-spraying people, pushing people on the ground, everything,’ said one customer. ‘It’s crazy up there.’” Another customer said police had pepper-sprayed “a little girl.” [WSVN ]

• In Charlotte, N.C.: ”Police and Medic were called to three Charlotte-area malls before daybreak Friday, after shoppers seeking Air Jordan shoes became unruly. No injuries were reported, but at least one fight broke out, and a door was damaged at a mall.” [Charlotte Observer ]

• In Annapolis, Md.: ”A shopper at Westfield Annapolis mall received minor injuries in an altercation this morning, county firefighters said. Shortly after the mall opened, firefighters were called to transport a person who had been injured, apparently while involved in a dispute over a new Jordan sneaker that went on sale this morning…” [Maryland Gazette ]

• In Indianapolis, Ind.: ”Impatient shoppers tore a door off its hinges at Lafayette Square… ‘The door broke and was hanging by a hinge and people were squeezing in anyway,’ Asia Coates said. ‘People were falling down.’” [Indy Star ]

• In Seattle, Wash.: ”Police used pepper spray on about 20 people at a mall near Seattle…” [AP ]

• In Burlington Township, N.J.: ”Burlington Township police confirmed to Fox 29 that a stampede happened after 8 a.m. at the Burlington Center Mall on Mount Holly Road. Several people were hurt as the crowd tried to get the limited-release sneakers.” [Fox Philly ]

• In Sturbridge, Mass.: ”A Milford man stopped for speeding on Interstate 84 was traveling with a .38-caliber revolver and ammunition concealed in a pair of Nikes, police said… Poking out of one of the sneakers, the trooper saw what he believed to be the butt of a revolver. The trooper withdrew the weapon from the shoe, and observed that it was a D&R Model 925 five-shot .38-caliber revolver, according to the police report. In the other shoe, the trooper located 10 rounds of 38-caliber ammunition in a small plastic bag, the police report states. [Worcester Telegram ]

• In Louisville, Ky.: ”The rush to get the latest re-release of Air Jordan sneakers ended in a huge brawl at this Kentucky mall early this morning. Local news station W-D-R-B reports up to 100 people were involved in the fight at this Louisville mall.” [KTVQ ]

• In Austin, Tex.: ”At least three people were injured at area stores overnight as crowds gathered to be among the first to buy Nike shoes that went on sale early this morning… Emergency crews treated an adult and a 14-year-old who suffered assault-like injuries.” [Statesman  ]

• In Detroit, Mich.: ”The release of the much anticipated Nike Air Jordan XI Concord lead to an early morning riot at Southland Mall and resulted in the arrest of a 21-year-old Detroit man who is accused of inciting a riot. Taylor police said Southland Mall security called police for assistance at around 5:30 a.m. this morning when a large crowd of about 300 people were lined up outside. The mall, located in Taylor, was not scheduled to open until 8 a.m.” [Detroit Free Press ]

• In Jersey City, N.J.: ”A 20-year-old Jersey City man was stabbed seven times last night during a fight among several of the 300 holiday shoppers lined up to buy the coveted Nike Air Jordan XI Concord sneakers at the Newport Centre Mall, police said. The Duncan Avenue man, attacked at about 10:19 p.m., suffered non-life-threatening wounds, police said.” [Jersey Journal  ]

• In Ironyland: ”One girl said she lost her shoes in the midst of all the pushing and shoving.” [Charlotte Observer ]


I have never understood the obsession with those fucking shoes.  Fuck Nike for making them so damn expensive and fuck you idiots who are willing to trample, fight, stab, shoot, maim and any other kind of fuckery, to get a pair of them sweatshop specials.

I’m sure the Republicans and assorted racists are eating this bullshit up like fresh catfish at a Baptist Church fishfry.

  • Even though this comment below is a bit racist, I agree.

  • So these niggers on welfare yet they rushing into the mall to buy shoes that cost 250-500 bucks? Ladies and gentlemen, this is how well brainwashing works.

  • this is ridiculous.

  • reallyy thats stupidd there jus shoes them jordans ugly….srryy stikin with retro 3s

  • That’s what happens when enough ignorant black people are all in one place….sorry but its true, not racist.

  • It’s not racist if it’s true. The majority of people that buy Jordans are black. And I don’t recall hearing all these reports over nationwide violence over the releases of iPhones, iPads, MW3, or even just shopping on Black Friday. What does that tell you…

  • These people have been severely brainwashed into consuming superfluous bullshit. It really hurts me to see that our society has abandoned compassion, in exchange for competition. If your son or daughter is in this video, then you have failed them. But not only have you failed them, society has failed them. This consumerists culture is dangerous, and must be abolished. RIP to the boy who lost his life.

  • Only herbs rock Jordans .Ya lemme spend150 on sum cheap kicks that a 14 year old wanna be white girl rocking also and that 50 people have on my block GTFOH!

  • where da white women at?

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  • Fact: Black people were once considered not human by the US government. You can say that all races are equal, that’s just pure bullshit though, like any other animal, you have some breeds that are more successful than others. There are limitless numbers of examples… You wan’t to win a horse race, do you pick the pony or the stallion? Obviously blacks are a different breed, and if you ask me, they haven’t been successful at all. White men dominate them


Scary Chart Map: Prevalent U.S. health problems: showing areas of Aids, HIV, Heart Diease, Obesity etc...

How does your county, city, or state health measure up against others in the United States? Select a health issue from the menu below to see the most recent data available by county.

Odori-Don (squid dish)


This is a dish called Odori-Don. It has a dead squid on top that “dances” when Soy Sauce is poured on it, activating it’s neurons. (so f’ing cool! remember, it’s DEAD!)

I would pay somebody to eat this while its dancing

Bastard Swordsman: Why There More Than Likely Won’t Be Another Golden Era Of Hip Hop…


One of the biggest complaints I hear from heads that can recall the two previous Golden Eras of Hip Hop is that mainstream/major label Rap/Hip Hop has strayed too far from what made many of us initially fall in love with it. Now, it’s almost 2012 and things still aren’t getting any better….

What do you really mean when you say “I’m just a southern girl at heart” ?

southern girl confederate flag

Every time I hear the phrase “I’m just a southern girl at heart” that is normally followed by something that was beneficial to the women who said it. For the women who like for a man that opens doors, pays for dinner all the time, and takes his coat off and places it over a puddle for her to walk across I can understand that but I don’t understand why you would associate those things with things that only southern women would like. Why you don’t ever hear that when someone says something like ” a woman place is in the house and not in the workplace” or “woman don’t speak while two men are speaking to each other.” If all those stereotypical things are synonymous with southern culture then what is it saying about other women from different parts of the country or is saying “I’m just a southern girl heart” just another way for her to express the idea that she has an old school mentality and has not updated her ideas with modern times. Not saying that everything old fashioned is bad but sometimes things change for the better

Can you equate the to a white man that says “I’m just a good ole southern boy at heart” I know when I hear that phrase I automatically think racist, Mason Dixie, Confederate flags, and country music and I know that phrase doesn’t exactly mean that but how can one come with those negatives things with that phrase but “I’m just a southern girl at heart” means the complete opposite

Kind of scary see how much time and research was put into figuring out a way for you(African Americans) to spend your money